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CCW / Firearm and Personal Safety Training

Virginia CCW Training - (888) 8-GUNSAFE

We HIGHLY recommend that ANYONE who carries a concealed firearm has CCW legal & financial protection in place in case the need arises to protect yourself or a member of your family!  All of us do!

NOTE:  Your home liability policy will typically NOT cover you in the event of a self defense incident.

We offer the ability for ANY student who takes one of our classes to obtain CCW protection thru U.S Law Shield while at class.

Any student taking advantage of this opportunity will be covered as soon as they leave the class!

Coverage starts at $10.95 per month (just 36¢ per day!) per person.  Multi state coverage and other options are also available.  Ask how to get 14 months of coverage for the cost of 12 months.

This is currently the only company that offers individual personal coverage to active and off duty law enforcement officers!

Click on the U.S. LAW SHIELD logo above to sign up.

Use promotion code "RICKLAUGHLIN"

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