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​​Why take your CCW class?  I can do it cheaper and faster online.
Yes, you can get your Virginia CCW training online, but it may surprise you to know that, in the end, we are typically less expensive and give you a MUCH BETTER training experience.  A DD-214 or a VDGIF Hunter Safety class also qualifies you.  HOWEVER.... 

The question that you should seriously ask yourself and seriously consider is this:  Are you willing (and is it wise) to base what will very well be a split second and life changing decision to some computer time on an internet site?  Improper use of a firearm can easily invite a FELONY criminal charge!

To compare, would you take a CPR class online to protect your family or would you take a "hands on" class?  We have past "online trained" people retaking our class to get clarifications and more complete legal information on this very serious subject.

Do you offer private instruction?
Yes, just call fill out our CONTACT US form and we’ll set it up.  Let us know what you want to accomplish, and if you have any specific needs. We will also work with ADA individuals as long as they can safely perform in the class.  We also have ASL instruction available upon request.

If I have enough people, can I schedule a private class at a special time?
Yes, we will be happy to work with you to try to accommodate your needs.

Can you provide a brief introductory presentation at a meeting or company event?
Yes.  With prior notification, we offer short presentations of firearm safety and CCW issues.

May I keep my live fire range targets?
Absolutely. Show off your marksmanship skills and see how you improve as you learn more and keep practicing!!!

Do you rent firearms?
Yes, we will rent a few.  If you plan to shoot on the live-fire range, you should bring your own firearm so that you are well versed in its operation and safety features.  If you do not have one, the instructor(s) MAY let you use one of theirs - if they know far enough ahead of time.

What do I need to bring with me?
Mainly, just a great attitude and we'll handle the rest!  For virtual range practice, you don’t need to bring anything.  If you plan to use the live-fire range you’ll need to bring your firearm, a gun case, the owner's manual, hearing and eye protection, and ammunition.  We strongly recommend double hearing protection for your safety and comfort.

What is the virtual range?
Our virtual range is designed to replicate target acquisition and the correct stance and trigger press without the need for live ammunition, while reinforcing firearm safety practices.  It uses a special SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) pistol and multiple targets to help you with your stance and trigger pull technique.  If you wish to use your own real firearm we have a limited amount of laser inserts for various calibers.  Check with us when you submit your application.

Are there any age restrictions for your training?
Yes, in some circumstances.  The virtual range simulations do NOT have age restrictionsif a parent or a legal guardian is present at all times and consents in writing for the training for the minor.  Virtual training is actually a very safe way to train a young person and/or a beginner.  

Conversely, if a minor desires to use the live-fire range, parental or legal guardian consent MUST be documented in writing via our waiver prior to participation and the parent/guardian MUST stay with the minor at ALL times.  The basic restrictions are that the shooter must be able to demonstrate safe handling of firearms and must be able to take direction.  Again, minors under the age of 18 must have written parental consent and parent or adult guardian must be present at all times.

May I wear my firearm during the virtual training?
ONLY if specific permission is issued by the instructor and the instructor has cleared your firearm.  The classroom areas are a sterile environment, meaning no type of ammunition is allowed except for the instructor(s).  This rule also applies to those who are licensed to carry concealed.  

How do I get my firearms onto the premises?
Again, safety first!  You will need specific permission from the instructor and the instructor has to personally clear each and every firearm.  The classroom areas are a sterile environment, meaning no live ammunition is allowed except for the instructor(s).  Again, this rule also applies to those who are licensed to carry concealed.

How many firearms can I bring?
As many as you want.  Just leave them in your vehicle until told to get them.  Machine guns of any type and any illegal firearms are not allowed at any time.

Are there any restrictions on ammunition that can be fired on the live range?

Yes. We do NOT allow reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition (must be manufactured), tracer, explosive-tip, armor piercing, black powder, muzzleloader, subsonic, rat shot, snake shot, birdshot, target-load for shotguns, or “cowboy” (lower power, lead bullet) loads.  Handgun and rifle cartridges must be brass only – no steel or aluminum cases.

What firearms can I shoot on the live-fire range?
You can shoot most all handguns.  Shotguns are authorized, but only 00 buckshot and slugs are allowed.

How many people can be on the live-fire range at a time?
Our preference is a maximum of five (5) per instructor, with a one-to-one ratio on the firing line.  If there are more in the class, we will safely rotate them into the range, while maintaining the ratio, and/or possibly bring in additional instructors as necessary.

How many people can be in a classroom at a time?
There is no maximum ratio for non-live fire classes..

How long are your classes?
Generally, each class is five hours, but most end up being 6 - 7 hours as the students get more comfortable, have fun, and start asking questions.  We will stay until all of our student's questions are answered.  Some lengths are dictated by state requirements, which may call for longer minimum instructional periods.  Typically, it's simply the students enjoying the course and being enthused.

How much do your classes cost?
Prices vary by class, the number of instructors involved and the state in which it is held, due to various state requirements.  Generally, our CCW classes are $75.00 per student with a five student minimum per class.  We do, however, have all-day, two-day, group, business and custom classes that are more expensive.  We will also rebate $5.00 per student to you for each referral that takes a class from us!  Set up a group class and your training could be free!  Keep referring and continue to receive money even after you finish your class!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  We try to not accept American Express.  We prefer cash or checks.

What classes do you offer?
Classes include: Handgun Fundamentals, VA & UTAH Concealed Carry, Home Defense; The Use of Deadly Force and the Law and others as required or requested.  We also offer various personal health and safety classes for individuals, families and groups.

What areas do you cover?
We currently range from Winchester, VA to Roanoke, VA in central Virginia, and from Charlottesville to the West Virginia line.

How do I contact you for questions or a class?
It’s easy!  Click the button!

We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

CCW / Firearm and Personal Safety Training

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